I have resisted the urge to depart from representational images, but sometimes things come along.  I got started on this and it snowballed. This particular algorithm for a fractal pattern appears to be entirely new.

The technique for making these random fractal patterns was discovered by accident in the spring of 2010. I am tempted to call it statistical geometry. It has an interesting theory.

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Click on bigpic to see a larger image. Scroll down on bigpic to see text commenting on the picture.

bigpic201 circ20_v1

bigpic202 circ20_v2

bigpic203 circ20_v3

bigpic204 circ20_v4

bigpic205 circ20_v5

bigpic206 circ20_v6

bigpic207 circ20_v7

bigpic208 circ20_v8

bigpic209 circ20_v9

bigpic2010 circ20_v10

bigpic2011 csqr14_v1

bigpic2012 sqr14_v2

bigpic2013 sqr14_v3

bigpic2014 sqr14_v4

bigpic2015 sqr14_v5

bigpic2016 sqr14_v6

bigpic2017 sqr14_v7

bigpic2018 sqr14_v8

bigpic2019 trigon1_v1

bigpic2020 trigon1_v2