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This is like image 11 with a "checkerboard" effect. The odd-numbered squares are exactly the same as in image 11, but the even-numbered ones have been "rotated" by 120 degrees about the diagonal "gray" axis in color space.

Each odd-numbered square is now surrounded by 4 even-numbered ones with any two abutting colors having an "adjacent primary" relationship. This is a colorful image with primary next to primary. It is in effect a form of color wheel which shows not only hue, but luminance and saturation also.

A curious feature here is that the image appears to have some topography to it -- some areas appear to be nearer or farther. An illusion, since we know by construction that really it is a flat image of colored squares.

Such a rotation by 120 degrees in color space is the same as moving two positions around a 6-color color wheel. It should be kept in mind that the RGB color primaries (red-green-blue) are not the same as the "art text" color primaries (red-yellow-blue).

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