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Some say the artist cannot handle the human figure. Fie on them! They are here refuted.

We see many pairs of lovers under a summery, sunny sky. By themselves they are unremarkable. They are dressed like typical high school or college students of the present day. What is different about them is that each has unique skin, hair, and eye colors. These colors are chosen at random in such a way that their distribution resembles the skin-hair-eye color distribution of the world population of homo sapiens. This image of "equal opportunity kissing" will not be popular with social conservatives.

The lovers do not have their arms wrapped about each other to hold themselves close. This is their first kiss and it is rather tentative. They are holding hands and stretching forward for the first little touch of lips.

The men's clothing is rather monotonous -- jeans and a T shirt. The women have a much wider variation of bright colors. The colors of the womens' garments are chosen entirely at random within a range. Despite this the artist has not yet heard any woman viewing this image say that their choice of colors is "tasteless" or "clashy". He is surprised at this.

The women have two hair styles, and within each style the hair length varies at random over a continuous range. The men have either short hair, or are bald (or clean shaven). Skirt length and several other features also vary at random over a continuous range. Every lover is the same but different, like humankind.

The lovers' eyes are open or closed with 50-50 likelihood, at random. This reflects the adage that "love is half blind".

An airplane flies overhead, towing the banner OMNIA VINCIT AMOR. This Latin phrase comes from the Roman poet Virgil, and means "Love Conquers All". Bluebirds of happiness flutter through the sky.

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