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I think of this as sunrise, although it could as well be dusk. A clear, cloudless day in summer. The last stars are just "winking out" and a pale slivery moon is visible.  In reality, you will not see any stars when the dawn light gets this bright. But this is art, not photography; an effort to capture the "impression" of sunrise.

I am an early riser and like to watch the rapidly shifting pattern of light and color at sunrise. Such a scene is hard to capture with a camera (I have tried) but with effort it can be done. Few sunrise or sundown pictures exist among the "famous" paintings (Van Gogh's "starry night" is the big exception). Such a scene with mostly-dark colors could be tricky to capture with paint, and doesn't lend itself to "plein air" painting because it is such a brief thing. The small differences among dark colors that one gets at this time of day are easily accomodated with algorithmic techniques.

The constellations of stars here were chosen at random, and you are free to adopt whatever names you want for them. The one near the moon looks like an upside-down umbrella to me.

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